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The primary essential component to reducing and preventing pollution in air and water in the context of Integrated Sustainable Design is Ending Non-Point Source Pollution.  In the opposite context, Point Source Pollution is simply a source of pollution that is documented and reported on, and with Integrated Sustainable Design we would take that a step further and require reporting directly to the public and within the product labels being sold. Therefore non-point source pollution is simply pollution that is not documented and therefore is not reported or tracked. There is no way to guarantee the prevention or reduction of pollution that we don't even know about.  Reducing and eventually Ending Non-Point Source Pollution is difficult at best and could take 50-100 years, and most importantly cooperation from individuals and industrial corporations, but I think we could get 75% of pollution tracked within 5 years.  The goal would be eventually to track any and all sources of pollution including every individual person driving a car or doing household construction.  This raises an essential concern because personal protections and privacy are more important than tracking pollution. Therefore tracking and recording pollution should happen at the local level and be dependent on the cooperation and verification of records, not the top down control of peoples personal lives or the inner workings of companies and corporations.
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