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The atom is the symbol of  science and technology which has been taking  our humanity by storm over  the past 200 years. It reminds us that  science can be used for good or  evil, and we as the people, as the  people created science, choose it  to be used for good, the good of all  of humanity.  The Atom Flag stands  for a lot more than science, it  reminds us where science came from,  which is people, and how the  advancements in science and technology  should be owned by all of  humanity, not the 1%.   Einstein wasn't part  of the 1%, neither was   Tesla, or Newton.  It wasn't very long ago,  just a few hundred years,  that science was shunned upon by governments  run by religions, and we as  the people must remember that science was  created and advanced by  individual people, not corporations, not the  1%, and not government  institutions.  Many people died and were jailed  to advance science for  the good of everyone.  Although many  institutions have supported  individual scientists, increasingly science  is becoming a method to  advance the rich, and focuses on discoveries  that can be monetized over  scientific discovery that is for the good of  all of humanity.  Many  times new scientific discoveries that offer  advancement to humanity, but  pose a risk to old established profit and  power structures are bought  by corporations and hidden away from the  public.  Independent scientists  exist all over the world, and this flag  is a symbol for independent  scientists to come together to unite for  all of humanity.   The atom  flag represents the advancement of science  for all people, not just the  1%, and allowing the technologies hidden  away to come out and allow our  society to transform in a balanced way,  strategically allowing old  outdated systems and technologies to be  shed.  
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