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Description of Brain Wave Language:
    Use technology and social media systems to create a direct brain to brain language communication Interface.
    The Start Up is very simple because there is no need to translate the actual brainwaves themselves or allow the brainwaves to control a computer, which is what the current startup are focusing on.  All we have to do is use already existing Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) and mobile app technology to record, store, and share people’s brainwaves, and create a variety of options for brainwave playback including realtime, visual, audio, and frequency generation.
    The short term goal would be to get the full cost of the interface and app to less than $100.  At that price we can start to build a following of people who simply record and share their brainwaves and listen to other peoples brainwaves.  Additionally we will go around and request one time recordings of famous and remarkable peoples brainwaves to build a database.  Because we are developing Brain Language or ‘Brainguage’ (note: this name may be Trade Marked in Austria, so we need an other name) there is no need to develop code to translate the brainwaves because all we have to do is display and replay the brainwaves (very simple), and allow other peoples brains to do the translation, not the computer.  
    The medium term return on investment would be generated from direct app and interface sales, as well as building the biggest online library of Brainwave recordings as possible.  Anyone with or without an interface or app can access these recordings, and advertising sales will only grow overtime.
    The long term goals, which could take 5-15 years, would be to develop an online course to teach people how to control their brainwaves to develop easily delectable patterns in the recordings.  Once these patterns can be documented for most words, phrases, feelings, emotions, and visualizations, it will be possible for people to directly communicate to each other through brain waves.  At this point monetization is infinite as anything and everything that is currently written, audio and/ or visual can and will be translated into Brainwaves creating a larger and larger database.  Additionally we will be able to go back through our past library of brainwaves, and directly access the information available, as well as translate them into new interfaces that use new types of sensors and replay.  For some older people, these might be the only copies of their brainwaves ever to exist.
    As the ability for computers to directly understand brainwaves increases, the use of our brain language will increase exponentially, and the monetization of its use will also expand exponentially, although the foundation of the communication system will be owned by humanity itself as we will not be creating brainwaves, we will be documenting their patterns and there are patentable innovations.   This is not a short term project, but can gain dramatic press and tech interest immediately.  
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