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 Even if we make violence illegal, and separate the conflict of interest between the prosecution and enforcers of the law, there is still the problem of our court systems.  The easiest way to address this is what we call Law By People.  In other worlds we support a governance and legal strutter of law that is written by, for, and of, the people, not politicians, lobbyist and lawyers.  Currently laws are written by politicians, lobbyist and lawyers, and this creates a revolving cycle of politicians being lawyers, and lawyers become lobbyists, and all of them writing laws that support more politicians and lawyers and lobbyists to get money and power.  We must insist that normal everyday people become representatives not just politicians, and that laws are written for and by normal every day people, not written for and by politicians, lawyers, and lobbyists. In just the context of the courts its a little more complicated because courts do not function based on law, they actually have their own internal judicial systems.  Here is how it works.  Lawyers become judges and judges get appointed to the Court rules committee.  This by relation means that all rules and systems that govern how courts function is governed by existing judges, who all used to be lawyers.  That means that all court rules are created by and for lawyers and judges.  That is ridiculous!!! Why would the people want an entire branch of government, the judicial branch, to be entirely controlled by lawyers, or people who used to be lawyers and are now judges?  This must change and we must ensure that not only are all federal and local laws written for and by PEOPLE!!! but that also the rules for how the systems and functioning of our courts work on a day to day basis is also written by and for PEOPLE!  This is just basic governing and we must demand these principles because otherwise we end up with what we currently have, a justice system that doesn't work for people, but against them.  The courts aren't dysfunctional because of a law that was passed by legislators, they are dysfunctional because the rules governing the courts is specifically written to benefit lawyers.  Imagine a justice system that was specifically written for People.  Every law, every process would be written in a way that any normal person could read and understand, and you could simply walk into a court and be treated as equal to lawyers and judges because everyone would be able to understand the system because it would focus on process that supported simplicity for people.  Although lawyers would not be as important as before, there would still be a place for lawyers within the justice system, people just wouldn't be dependent on them anymore.  I know this change seems huge, but it is possible, it would simply take a single law that would change who gets to oversee the rules of the court, which is currently only judges.  We need that body to be much more diverse, and ensure that normal everyday people are involved in creating a judicial system that functions in a way that people can easily navigate it without lawyers.

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