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Help  catelize a Movement of Movements that becomes bigger than the Global  Revolution/Occupy/Real Democracy Movements of 2012.  We learned a lot  from the Occupy Movment and the global movements for Real Democracy Now,  as well as the revolutions sweeping the Arab Spring.  Although the  larger movement moves on, it has dwindled considerablly in the west.   Yet we learned a lot from our mistakes with Occupy, and the time will  come when the people wish to take the streets again, as little has  improved from before, we need to be prepared.  The primary foundation to  such a stratigic catelization would be applicability to the masses with  easy click to interact, and 5 minute meetings.  Create regularly  scheduled and annual days of action, not tied to a single date so they  were repeating. Additionally we would seperate the private camps from   the public manifestations and keep everything on public property legal,  and fight the law in court.
More information to come soon...

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