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Description of Unity Theory: 
The impetus, (premiss) of this theory is based on the reality that there are currently 
numerous global crises including climate destabilization, species die-offs, 
overpopulation, economic destabilization, political gridlock, and the growing wealth gap, 
to name just a few.   Our old and current social systems are not adequately capable of 
solving these and other problems in the short time we have to do so, and we are 
continuously putting all future generations at risk, with a future in which their rights will 
be DRAMATICALLY reduced in relation to a generation ago.  Individuals the world over 
are less and less able to meet their Basic Life Necessities, and Opportunities for 
Advancement are shrinking, as our economies increasingly support the 0.001%.  Power 
seems to have been transferred to larger and larger institutions, with less and less local 
involvement or control. The primary old system solutions that are being given at this 
time are either based on fragmented single-focus social movements or slow / gridlocked 
government systems that are no longer representative of people the way they were 
intended to. There doesn’t seem to be enough momentum in any individual fragmented 
issue to hold enough votes to solve any of these massive global crises. Even if a single 
focused issue is implemented, it still leaves dozens of other issues getting worse, and 
the implementation of that single issue can sometimes cause other problems that were 
not considered. This is why Unity Theory comes in, as we need a new way to address 
these issues that ensures that real long term solutions can be implemented that pre-
plan for all accumulative effects of any individual solution. We are still very hopeful that 
we can work to solve all of our global crises, and the application of Unity Theory could 
be an integral part
Our proposed theorem is that it may be impossible to implement substantial tangible 
change using the current model of fragmented single-focus social movements across 
the world, and therefore it may only be possible to solve any one of the global crises 
through unification of “ALL” the people and social movements
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