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The Comprehensive Plan is an interactive methodology, a step by step plan for the transformation of society, and an action adventure fictional book.

The Interactive methodology is founded on the concept of medimorphasis for the transformation of a catapilar into a butterfly, as a model for the transformation of society. Through the Unity Network and the Community Elections we interactively prioritize all the ideas into a step by step plan. The first step gets the most resources and focus but our goal is to complete the entire plan just like all the agenda items listed at a meeting.  

Currently the top priority for the comprehensive plan is to launch the community elections to be able to start prioritizing all the ideas and evolve the plan in an interactive way that everyone can participate in. 

In the deep jungles of the yucatan peninsula, the last Mayan king worked with his priests and librarians to prepare for the battle of all battles to continue the Mayan writing... 

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