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It may sound crazy, but in the same way that we created a Carbon Currency, we could easily create a scientifically based currency for each and every toxin, pollutant, or waste bi-product using the foundation of Integrated Sustainable Design.  In this way if someone invents a more efficient and lower cost alternative to neutralizing a toxin, their company can make money on that invention while simultaneously reducing the cost of production and the cost to the consumer for products.  Currently companies can simply throw away their toxins, or worst case scenario just "token" pay off a fake "independent" corporation to store them.  If you think it might be too much to have an additional 100+ currencies, only people who are directly involved in the creation or neutralization of these toxins would even know about these random Toxin Based Currencies.  This isn't much different than the hundreds of securities, notes, and bonds out there that normal everyday people have no idea about, or what they mean to financiers.  In that way it isn't much different than how our current system functions.  
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