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Everyone just follows the same law.  Thats it, update our laws in this country, and as a community, that we will not tolerate any individual, government or corporate officer to behave as if the law doesn't apply to them, or have the system ignore their crimes because of there government position.  This is the definition of corruption.  Basically that because of your government position, you are above the law, and the idea that there should EVER be a separate set of laws that effect government officials from citizens MUST BE STRUCK down.  In the context of police officers, Cops should enforce the Law BY EXAMPLE, they are NOT above the Law and should have NO different Laws that give them immunity from the laws everyone else follows.  Why should anyone follow the law, if the cops don't????!!!!  This is a significant change to our current government systems, as not only do police officers have a different set of laws, so do almost all government workers.  The same laws that citizens follow should be consistent and true with ALL government workers, even the President!  In no way am I saying that no one should ever break the law, as people do all the time every day, I'm just saying that everyone, no matter their position, should have to deal with the responsibility of breaking the law.  Obviously cops and government officials have more leniency to cross the line of stated laws for citizens, but then they still MUST reap the consequences of breaking those laws, even if it is still easier to get out of being punished for breaking the law, they still have to present justification, pay fines etc…  You break the law you go to court, and the evidence is presented, weather you are a police officer, or even if you are the president.  For anyone that believes that government leaders should have the power to break the law, then you also believe that corruption is not that bad, and that corruption doesn't lead to more corruption.  So if we want to limit corruption, we must limit anyone from begin above the law.  This will take a massive movement and unity between all peoples who believe that citizens are the foundation of law, NOT government officials and police officers, but we can do it if we work and collaborate together.  It may take years even decades, but every day we sit by while our rights are taken away, it becomes that much harder. The time is now.
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