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Description of Make All Violence illegal: 
The simple idea is just to make ALL VIOLENCE ILLEGAL.  All incidence of violence go to court.  No matter who the perpetrator is, from individuals to multi-national organizations.  An example of this would be for normal everyday citizens.  Violence is already illegal.  You can not legally go up to someone and punch them in the face, let alone kill them.  It is illegal for any everyday citizen to engage in any level of violence, including car crashes, or domestic violence.  If you get in a car crash and someone dies or gets hurt, it is going to court, that is just how it works, and usually your insurance works it out.  Domestic violence is more complicated because it is private behind doors, but it is still very illegal but requires reporting to be dealt addressed.  Of course just because something is illegal does NOT mean that people don't break the law, there is nothing wrong with breaking the law and getting into a fight or getting into a car crash, or even domestic violence, but you know that you must take responsibility and deal with the consequences of your actions if you choose to break the law.  
    Yet on a larger level when an organization or government commits violence, suddenly it is "justified" and ok.  Why should we as citizens not be allowed to be violent, but suddenly our governments can be??? It doesn't make any logical sense!!!  Violence in the 21st century is absurd.   If someone dies, it goes to court.  No ifs, buts, or excuses, it just does, especially when governments kill.  People talk all the time about weather or not a death was "justified".  Who cares if it was justified or not, the only place to make that justification is in court, and even if it was "justified" it should still be illegal.  Justification is merrily a matter of perspective and opinion, and always will be.  True justice is ensuring that all people take responsibility for their actions, and if you choose to kill someone, for any reason, then you must take on that responsibility, and go to court and present your case and justification for doing so.  The better legal justification that you have for why you killed someone, the more lenient your consequences will be.  Now lets clarify how this new law would address violence on a larger level.  
    If you or your organization chooses to kill someone, the minimum possible consequence should be to pay a fine.  This may seem completely silly to reduce someones life to a monetary fine, but you MUST understand that just this little change would mean EVERYTHING in a legal context.  Suddenly killing and violence would go from something that takes no justification at all, to going directly to court no matter would, and would require full prove and justice just to get your consequences down to a fine, and from there the fine just goes UP and can extend to community service, parole, jail time and much more.  If you can legally justify your actions of violence, then your going to get a lot more than a fine.  What is so important is that this would make the very act of killing illegal and make all violence a requirement to go to court and have transparency.  We can immediately see how this would completely change how police brutality and police killings of both armed and unarmed citizens are dealt with, building transparency and accountability into the system.  Would this end violence in our communities, NOT AT ALL as anyone, including the government, can choose to break the law at any time, they will simply have to reap the consequences of their actions.  With this law the police could never just write off a death as "justified" and move on, every death would have to go to court, and would cost their department and city/county substantial amounts of money to pay these fines.  This give an incentive to reduce violence on all sides, even though we all know that there is always a time for violence, that doesn't mean it should be legal.  So lets take this to the highest level, and show how this simple law would actually change everything and the very foundation of our society.
    This same simple law that all violence and killing is illegal, would also apply to all government organizations, including nation states.  What would that do? This simple law would make WAR, on every level, illegal.  Some people might think that is simply CRAZY, to make WAR illegal, but in the context of the 21st century, it doesn't make sense for war to be legal at all.  By making all violence, killing, and war itself illegal, does that mean there won't be any wars in the world.  NOT AT ALL.  There will still be wars, and there still and always be wars, just like people fight in bars all the time even though it is illegal.  But all WARS will be illegal from the start.  This makes a lot of sense, especially in the 21st century and with globalization going so quickly.  Any and every war always effects individual citizens, and why should governments be allowed to engage in violence, when citizens can't.  All laws should be equally applied to all levels.  Of course a government could still go to WAR at anytime, the only change would be that they would minimally get a fine based on the number of people they killed and the violence that they engaged in.  Again it may seem a little silly to just slap a fine on a country for going to war and killing thousands if not millions of people.  But we have to realize that currently WAR is legal, and this change would for all acts of war to go to court and be made transparent and present evidence of justification.  If the actions of violence, killing, and war is justified, it is still illegal and the nation state or fractioning party will still get a huge fine based on the violence and death, but if it isn't justified, then it could be much worse including the leader/president going to jail.  We have to realize that these government leaders are no different than you or me, and that all citizens, regardless of their level of power in government positions MUST be required to follow the same laws, and we as citizens of the world should push to make all violence illegal to ensure that when it does occur that it is immediately sent to court to shine light, build transparency, and work to bring truth and justice to every level of our planet.  Anything less is not civilized.  Before moving on, for all you skeptics, I want to add enfaces that violence being illegal does NOT mean that you or anyone can't engage in violence, killing, or even war, there is no question that people will.  The difference is simply that you, and anyone who engages in violence which is brought to public light must deal with the consequences of your actions.  It is really the same as running a stop sign, or any other law that people know is illegal, but people break the law all the time, and go to court all the time.  Yet this is far from a complete picture, and does not address all the underling problems with our system, as there are still Many problems with how evidence and facts are presented in court, and how courts function and operate. Yet I hope we can all agree that courts are the best place to get justice, if they functioned correctly.  Together we can reduce violence, and improve our political justice system, it will take time, but if we work hard we can do it, but only if we stand together and unite. So everyone can see that violence and killing and war is a problem, yet connecting a solution like making all violence illegal is a fundamental change in how we perceive and function within our society, and this will indeed reduce corruption, but it is STILL NOT ENOUGH.  This is a deep and profound change that we can all make, but there is something that is even more profound but would be even harder to change, but we MUST do it…
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