Seperate Rights for Biological Human People, from Corporate non-biological legal entities
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Description of Seperate Rights for Biological Human People, from Corporate non-biological legal entities: 
With all the media and individual attention on the Gay Rights vs. Religious Rights debacle of Indiana and other states, I wanted to chime in with my thoughts as this is an issue that effects me personally, because I am labeled as a gay man.

I am ALL for Gay Rights, and Individual Human Religious Rights, and of course ensuring protection for individual freedoms and equality for all, in general.  But there is a MAJOR problem with this legislation that NO ONE is talking about, and it has nothing to do with Gay Rights or Religious Freedoms. It has to do with cart-blanche Rights for Corporations and all non-biological legal entities. I personally do not feel that the primary component of this law is discrimination against Gay’s, or religious freedoms for individual humans, but instead the primary purpose of this law is to empower and enact further control for corporations and all other non-biological legal entities over individual human people.

To understand my concern and alarm, you MUST read at least part of the Actual law that was passed in Indiana and is being copied by other states.  Here is a quote from the part that has me most alarmed: 
    “Sec. 7. As used in this chapter, "person" includes the following: (1) An individual. (2) An organization, a religious society, a church, a body of communicants, or a group organized and operated primarily for religious purposes. (3) A partnership, a limited liability company, a corporation, a company, a firm, a society, a joint-stock company, an unincorporated association, or another entity that: (A) may sue and be sued; and (B) exercises practices that are compelled or limited by a system of religious belief held by: (i) an individual; or (ii) the individuals; who have control and substantial ownership of the entity, regardless of whether the entity is organized and operated for profit or nonprofit purposes.”

In other words this legislation codifies in legislative law the full and autonomous power of not only corporations, but ALL non-biological legal entities in any form, to have FULL autonomous power equal to, and above ALL normal everyday human persons.  And in addition to this new powers for all non-biological legal entities in the application of this particular individual code chapter, the law also empowers non-biological legal entities to directly access all other laws by stating the following:
     “This chapter applies to all governmental entity statutes, ordinances, resolutions, executive or administrative orders, regulations, customs, and usages, including the implementation or application thereof, regardless of whether they were enacted, adopted, or initiated before, on, or after July 1, 2015”

Again just to recap, this law has just legislatively empowered all corporations and non-biological legal entities to have FULL and autonomous rights in all contexts of all laws ever passed or to be passed, over and beyond normal individual human people.  THIS IS INSANE!!!!!

Three things come to mind for me that I have to emphasize.  

First, As far as my understanding, corporations, and ONLY corporations (not all non-biological legal entities), have ever only had legal rights of “personhood” given to them by the courts, NEVER through direct legislative laws and codes. 

And second, that as someone who would be labeled as a gay man, although it is terrible to discriminate, a simple anti-discriminatory clause is not going to solve the real problems of racism and discrimination.  Putting discriminatory people in check is what solves the problem. You see, I really could care less if a pizzeria refused service to serve pizza at my wedding because I wouldn’t want them to serve my wedding in the first place, and I can simply go to the pizza place next store to them and give them my business, eventually causing the discriminatory pizza place to go out of business.  And trust me It will go out of business!

But third, is that when we give corporations and all non-biological legal entities the powers of being a person, that directly takes away the rights and powers of ALL actual human biological people.  This is simply because a Corporation or any legal entity can have 100’s, if not 1,000’s of people within it and can reduce an individual’s rights to a pulp because they can have VAST amounts of resources compared to an actual biological normal human person.  When we give our rights away to non-biological legal entities like this, ALL gay biological human people loose their rights because they are no longer treated equal in court and by the government.  ALL religious biological human people loose their rights because they are no longer treaded equal in court by the government.  And ALL minorities and majority normal biological human people loose their rights because they are no longer treated equal in court by the government.

Although it is true, that this law can easily be extrapolated to show that it can be used for discriminatory purposes against Gay People, the truth of this law is that it DIRECTLY (with no extrapolation) can be shown to be discriminatory to RELIGIOUS biological human people, and I will explain how right now.  But before I do, I want to remind everyone that it is actually IMPOSSIBLE for a corporation or business to be “religious”! Only biological human people can directly engage in religious practices.  Corporations, even non-profit religious corporations, can only house the bank accounts and assets of groups of biological human peoples, who are the ones who actually partake in the religious practices.

But for the purpose of showing how this law will discriminate against religious biological human people, lets say that you can have a Religious corporation or business, and in our example this business happens to be a Muslim corporate “person”. Then you have a christian biological human person who walks into the “Muslim” business.  Lets say it is passover, and so the christian biological human person requests to the “Muslim” business to have their food prepared in a certain way to be in alignment with their religious practices, regardless of weather this is a substantial or minor request, as the individual biological human person is willing to pay any amount of money to have their food prepared in a way that is in alignment with their religious practices.  The Muslim business corporation refuses to abide by the request because it is a burden on their religious practices, and therefore has to refuse service to the christian biological human person because the christian biological human person does not want to burden their own religious practices by getting the wrong food during passover.  So the issue goes to court.

Who wins based on this law.  The non-biological corporate legal entity wins every time, because that is what this law protects, the rights of the business to deny any services to anyone if it substantially burdens the religious practices of the business, ESPECIALLY if a customer is requesting for the business to specifically follow a different religious practice for an actual biological human person.   

In other words, the terror and alarm of this law actually is MUCH greater than simple rights for gay biological human people. The true terror and alarm is that this law takes away rights from all human biological people regardless of religion, sexual orientation etc… and empowers and gives the rights to corporate and all other non-biological legal entities instead.  And as far as I know, this is the first time this has EVER been codified in a legislative law, and no one is talking about it cause it is disguised as a gay vs. religious issue, which seems to be distracting everyone from the underlying intention.

WE MUST STOP THIS NOW, ensure this legislation is repealed, and move to pass legislation that ensures that corporations and non-biological legal entities DO NOT have the same rights as actual biological human people.  Of course corporations that follow the laws, pay taxes, and provide needed services for the public do deserve rights and protections under the law. But NO corporation or any other non-biological legal entity should ever be able to use our human laws, created for and by biological human people, in order to bypass our laws, exempt themselves from taxes, and reduce or refuse service to the public.  This is morally, ethically, and socially wrong at every level and not only takes away our own biological human rights, but all rights for all future generations, and gives our rights away to non-biological entities with no conscience.

Please help me get this message out as many people as we can, and stop this injustice, and begin the process to restore the rights already taken away from actual biological human people.

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