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Unfortunately this is just half of the issue when it comes to conflict of interest, as this just addressed the local level.  Even with the mike brown case there is still a federal component of the investigation. When you take this issue of law enforcement and prosecution conflict of interest to the national level, it gets MUCH WORSE.  Simply stated the law enforcers and the prosecutor are all run by the same department and have the same super boss which is the department of Justice in the US government.  And if you go one step up, all of their bosses is the President, and there is nothing but conflict of interest at that level.  Before we go into examples it is important to note that we are not saying that previous national governments have been corrupt or not, we are simply saying that because of the structure of our government, it is almost impossible to know because of the conflict of interest between the FBI, department of justice and the White House.  We are going to use two examples of where federal investigations become a huge conflict of interest, and that is 911 and the JFK assassination, both of which had possible connections to the president and protocols not being followed within government agencies (aka government officials breaking the law).  Not much needs to be explained to show the conflict of interest, but you do have to open your mind and consider the possibility that a president or secret multi-national organization would purposefully or accidentally commit a crime against the people.  The reason why we even bring this up is because today in 2014 there are still over 60% of the US population who believe that there was some type of coverup related to the JFK assassination, and over 50% of the US (and global) population believe there was some type of coverup related to 9/11.  Regardless of weather or not there was actually corruption, we still MUST have a system that doesn't have built in conflict of interest, and ensures unbiased and transparent i
nvestigations, because everyone must follow the law equally including the president.  If you feel that the president is above the law and can break the law without consequences, then obviously you would not agree that there is conflict of interest with these statements and there is no need for you to read on.  Yet I feel like we can all agree that we need structural changes to our systems of national justice to ensure that when future events happen, that there are investigations that are sufficiently unbiased and open to reduce the % of people who feel that our government is not telling the whole truth.
    So with 911, the investigation was conducted by the enforcers of national law, the FBI.  Who is their boss, the Justice Department, and who is the departments boss, the president.  Who conducted the investigation for the murder of JFK, the FBI, again the FBI is controlled by the Justice Department, and the justice department is controlled by the president.  So what happens if the FBI or an FBI agent, or the president themself broke the law, by either knowingly or unknowingly aiding and abiding the crime?  Currently there is no way to investigate the FBI, and FBI agent, or the president of the united states without a conflict of interest because the FBI can't investigate itself, and the Justice Department is run by the President and can't investigate itself without conflict of interest.  In other words there is a single organization (the executive branch of the US) that single handily enforces the law, investigates pre-crime, investigates post-crime, documents evidence, and prosecutes crimes, all with the same single boss.  This goes way beyond conflict of interest, this is easily corruptible. Currently the only way to have any type of independent investigation at the national level is for Congress to enact a separate independent committee to start an investigation.  It makes sense in name, but in practice it has little to no effect in preventing corruption.  First off a congressional investigation starts months if not years after the original crime is committed, so the investigators involved in no way can gather first hand evidence from the scene.  Secondly and because of the first reason, these congressional investigations rely almost exclusively on evidence gathered by the FBI.  In other words they are extensions of the executive branch investigation, and it is almost impossible after the fact to go back and find evidence that was not gathered to begin with.  So if there was any evidence destroyed by the FBI or executive branch at ground zero from 911 (The US 
Government sent it all to China to be destroyed: then there would be no way to get that evidence back because the FBI, and white house have full autonomy and control of the entire investigation.  Again if there was any evidenced destroyed or suppressed by the executive branch or FBI in connection the JFK assassination (Lots of options to choose from: then there would be no way to get that evidence because the FBI, and white house have full autonomy and control of the entire investigation.  The only way to collect unbiased facts and evidence is to have the agency that does so be separate from the Justice department and the executive branch.  In the same way that we need balance of power and no chance of conflict of interest within our local governments and police, we also MUST have institutional separation within the executive branch between the white house, the Justice Department, and the FBI and insure that there is a real time independent investigative body, as well as a natural documentation and evidence collection institution so that crimes can be investigated even if they are committed by government officers.  There is no way to know or find out weather or not national crimes were committed by government officers on 911 or during the JFK assassination, but for the benefit of our country's future, we must evolve our governance systems to ensure that our society can exonerate our leaders and know in an unbiased way that they did or did not commit crimes, and with the current structure that is simply not possible.  These are very deep and interconnected concepts, and this may be too much for some to contemplate, but it is essential that we do everything in our power as a community of people in this country, and across the world to ensure that our systems are fair and are structured in a way to reduce and even prevent corruptions.  There are a lot 
of options from making them independent initiations, making them part of the congress (uff), or even electing separate executive leaders of the US like may states do.  It will take a lot of work and time, many decades even, but we can accomplish these goals if we work together and unite for all of humanity.

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